About Us

Derek Jensen, the owner of Jensen Decorative Concrete started in the concrete industry in 2002 while in high school and doing poured concrete walls. I started doing concrete Flatwork in 2003 and I immediately knew I enjoyed the trade and started to develop a passion for the industry. I continued my employment with the same concrete company until August of 2014 when I then made the decision to branch off on my own and establish Jensen Decorative Concrete Inc. Since then I have spent much time traveling the United States to develop my skills even further and bring a whole new work ethic and moral to my own crew. In our first year in business, we were a nominee for the Minnesota concrete council for architectural concrete award in driveway design and received second place. We specialize in decorative concrete such as stamped and colored concrete, tear out and replacement of plain broom finish concrete and smooth finished concrete such as basements and garages. I strive my absolute hardest to make sure customer satisfaction is at an all time high on each and every project. Derek and his wife Katie are separate entrepreneurs and they live, eat and breathe customer satisfaction. Our online reviews mean the absolute world to me because of the amount of passion that we put into each project. The level of expectation that I set for my own crew is furthermore at the ultimate highest. Setting the bar as high as I possibly can is an everyday goal for me. Every job must be as perfect as it possibly can be considering you are dealing with an imperfect and unforgiving product. Derek enjoys being involved in the industry and is very well respected as a young company by industry veterans. Honesty and integrity is a reputation that Derek has developed with his customers. Derek is supported by his wife Katie, daughter McKayla and awesome crew on a daily basis. -The ultimate goal and mission of Jensen Decorative Concrete is to put out a finished product of utmost highest craftsmanship while serving the highest level of customer satisfaction in the twin cities metro area.